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High Elves
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High Elves is a major faction of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and one of the four principal campaign factions in Total War: Warhammer II. Their home island, Ulthuan, is located to the west of the Old World. The High Elves also have a variety of colonies and fortifications around the world, often located along the lines of the magical nexus that circumnavigate the globe. At the center of Ulthuan is a magical vortex that drains excess magic from the world keeping the forces of Chaos in check.

The island of Ulthuan is a ring around an interior sea with only one access point. The island itself is divided into "Inner" and "Outer" Ulthuan with the boundary defined as the large mountain range which spans the whole island. The High Elves control the whole island with major cities and settlements all over Ulthuan. The Inner ring is relatively more settled and controlled but dangers aplenty lurk throughout the realm.

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