Hostile Takeover

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Hostile Takeover is a Hag Graef Dilemma that occurs on the second turn of any campaign when playing that faction.

The wealthiest Dreadlord of Hag Graef sends you a large sum to bribe you into giving up your drachau position. The money would certainly be useful and boost your treasury considerably, as it is currently almost empty. Once the mission for Malekith is complete, taking back what is yours should not pose much of a problem. However, the mines of Hag Graef could keep the expedition running for some time yet!

Choices[edit | edit source]

Take the Money

  • Give up Hag Graef (focus on the expedition)
  • New Frontier: Growth +50 (all provinces) (10 turns)
  • +20000 Gold

Exile this Filth

  • Everything under control: Lords have a chance to gain 4 Loyalty, +5 Public Order (all provinces) (10 turns)
  • Keep Hag Graef (retain a foothold in Naggaroth)