Kihar the Tormentor

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Kihar the Tormentor
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CategoryUnique Hero
Unit size1

Kihar the Tormentor is a powerful Chaos Sorcerer from the Warriors of Chaos. He becomes available to Norsca and Wintertooth as a unique hero if they gain allegiance to the Serpent, by razing settlements in that God's name.

Kihar uses spells from both the Lore of Fire and the Lore of Metal. He is automatically max rank, and you cannot ordinarily open his Details of Skills pages to change anything. However, he will equip items that he receives from winning battles.

Kihar the Tormentor is one of the very few Legendary Heroes in the game. Additionally, he typically has a 95% success chance rate with all hero actions, making him quite a powerful force.

Description[edit | edit source]


Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Block Armies
  • Wound hero's
  • Steal technology