Knights of the Ebon Claw (Dread Knights)

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Knights of the Ebon Claw
Wh2 dlc10 def cold one dread knights ror.png
FactionDark Elves
CategoryDark Elves melee cavalry Regiment of Renown
Icon treasury.png Cost (MP): 1550 (1550)
Icon hourglass.png Turns: 3
Icon income.png Upkeep: 388
Icon stat health.png Health: 104
Icon stat morale.png Leadership: 85
Icon stat speed.png Speed:
Icon stat attack.png Melee attack: 45
Icon stat defence.png Melee defence: 56
Icon stat charge bonus.png Charge Bonus: 42
Icon stat damage.png Weapon Damage: 14
Modifier icon armour piercing.png Armour-Piercing Damage: 34
Icon stat speed.png Melee Interval: 4.3 s
Icon stat armour.png
Shielded units will block the following percentage of missile damage from the front Shield: 35%
  • Causes fear.png Can Cause Fear: This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their Icon stat morale.pngleadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack.
  • Hide forest.png Hide (forest): This unit can hide in forests until enemy units get too close.

Knights of the Ebon Claw (Dread Knights) is a Dark Elves unit in Total War: Warhammer II's downloadable content, The Queen and the Crone. With riders as deadly as their mounts, the Knights of the Ebon Claw are a force to be reckoned with.

Description[edit | edit source]

Cold One Knights count themselves amongst the finest warriors in Naggaroth. They are nobles of great wealth and ambition, whose warrior instincts elevate them far beyond the upstart cavalrymen of lesser races. Their weapons are the finest that can be bought in the great cities: long swords enchanted in such a manner as to never lose their edge, and tall lances sharp enough to pierce the hide of a Dragon. Their mounts, too, are superior to those of other lands; no horse, no matter how well-trained or carefully bred, could ever hope to match the savagery of a Naggarothi Cold One.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Armour-Piercing: The damage of armour-piercing weapons mostly ignores the armour of the target, making them the ideal choice against heavily-armoured enemies. They are often heavier and attack at a slower rate though, making them less efficient against poorly-armoured targets.
  • Armoured & Shielded: Armoured units can block damage from any source apart from Armour-Piercing damage. Shields have a chance of blocking arrows, bolts, rifle shots and similar small arms fire - but only in a forward facing arc.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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These knights are notable for what they don't have, Rampage. Cold One Knights and Dread Knights are hampered by their rampage, but these knights are kept in full control until they rout. With high armor, strong melee stats, and armor piercing, these units are dedicated melee cavalry.