Kraka Drak

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Kraka Drak
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General data
TypeMinor faction
RulerThorgard Cromson
CampaignsThe Old World
Mortal Empires

Kraka Drak is a minor Dwarfs faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Thorgard Cromson and can be found in Norsca, far away from their fellow Dawi.

Background[edit | edit source]

Kraka Drak, the "Dragon Hold" was the former capital of the Norse Dwarfs and the last Great King Silverbeard. Kraka Drak was completely destroyed during the War in the Mountains (2302-2390) by the Chaos Hordes under Valmir Aesling.

Before its destruction Kraka Drak was the largest and wealthiest of the Norse Dwarfholds. Kraka Drak sat on the largest iron, silver, and sapphire deposits in Norsca. The nearby coast is also blessed with an abundance of amber. The small harbour at Sjoktraken on Draksfjord gave easy access to the Sea of Claws via Ungruvalk.[1]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Kraka Drak is one of the most important Dwarf factions of Total war, because of its position. It is in Norsca, and close to the Chaos. Kraka Drak and Kislev can easily get some agreements and help each other. No Norscan tribes like Kraka Drak and Kraka Drak likes no Norscan tribes, but do most often not declare war against them.

Playing as a Norscan faction or as Warriors of Chaos, it can be rather tricky to conquer these Norse Dwarfs. Their two minor settlements fall relatively quickly but their last one, Kraka Drak itself, is a challenge to assault. Cromson and his army usually occupies the city, along with the staunch garrison, making it a tough nut to crack. It might require more than one attacking army to successfully capture it.

Starting territory[edit | edit source]

The Old World and Mortal Empires[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Interestingly, while the other Dwarfholds have "Karak" in their name, this faction has "Kraka" instead.