Legions of Legend

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Legions of Legend are elite versions of regular Tomb Kings units (similar to Regiments of Renown) which are crafted or "awakened" using the Mortuary Cult, costing money, canopic jars and trade resources. Unlike Regiments of Renown, Legions of Legend are only available in campaign. Their unit icons in the UI have a blue-green semicircle, as opposed to purple for Regiments of Renown or orange for Blessed Spawnings.

List[edit | edit source]

Name Based on Type Cost Stats and abilities
The Flock of Djaf Carrion Flying war beasts 450 Icon income.png | 100 Canopic jars.png Death From Above, more speed, more mass
Usirian's Legion of the Netherworld Nehekhara Warriors Melee infantry 600 Icon income.png | 200 Canopic jars.png | Resource gold idols.png Ethereal, improved damage
Storm Riders of Khsar Nehekhara Horsemen Melee cavalry 1000 Icon income.png | 250 Canopic jars.png | Resource gold idols.pngResource iron.png Improved charge bonus, speed, health and armour
Venom Knights of Asaph Necropolis Knights Melee monstrous cavalry 1850 Icon income.png | 300 Canopic jars.png | Resource gold idols.pngResource iron.pngResource animals.png Improved mass, health, charge bonus and armour

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Most of the Legions of Legend are strictly better versions of their counterparts stat wise. The ethereal Legion is the only one that could be argued as they become vulnerable to magic. They can form a strong backbone to your army especially in the early game.