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Lileath's blessing.pngLileath's Blessing is a unique stance available to High Elves armies. It benefits spellcasters who use the Winds of Magic.


Increases the favourability of the Winds of Magic when fighting battles and enhances the effectiveness of spellcasters.

  • Campaign movement range required to adopt: 50%
  • Campaign movement range: -25%
  • Experience gain: +20% for all spellcasters
  • Winds of Magic power reserve +15
  • Miscast base chance: -50% for all spellcasters
  • Speed +10% for all spellcasters


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This stance greatly enhances spellcasters in every way. They gain more experience, have more speed, have greater power reserve, and cannot trigger a miscast even on an overcast spell. This is particularly helpful if you have a powerful mage or a mage you want to empower. Teclis and Alarielle the Radiant can use this to further augment their magical supremacy