Lore of Dark Magic

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Icon wh main lore dark magic.pngThe Lore of Dark Magic is a lore of magic introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. It is mostly focused on damage and hexes. It is unique to the Dark Elves.

Lore Attribute[edit | edit source]

Spiteful Conjuration[edit | edit source]

As the spellcaster summons the Winds of Magic, black darts of malice will flit through the air to pierce their enemies.

The Passive of the Lore, active mapwide on casting another spell.

  • Type: Hex (Area)

Spells[edit | edit source]

Power of Darkness[edit | edit source]

The caster draws on unstable power from the Realm of Chaos to power their spells.

  • Type: Augment of the Winds
  • Cost 4 winds of magic, no overcast, max 3 uses per battle
  • Great increase to power reserves
  • Greatly improved power recharge rate
  • Causes damage to self (or allied character)

Chillwind[edit | edit source]

A freezing gale is conjured to assail the foe.

  • Type: Wind
  • Cost 5 winds of magic
  • Causes minor magical damage
  • Small forward moving area of effect
  • Good against armour
  • Strong against multiple units
  • On contact: Frostbite -24% speed (20 seconds)
  • Overcast increases effect of Frostbite to -48% speed -20 reload skill

Word of Pain[edit | edit source]

As the caster utters a forbidden name, their enemies are wracked with waves of agony.

  • Type: Hex
  • Target: An enemy
  • 8 Winds of magic, overcast for 12
  • -44 melee attack, -60% accuracy
  • Overcast adds -27 melee defence

Blade Wind[edit | edit source]

A swirling maelstrom of swords slash their way across the battlefield in search of blood.

  • Type: Vortex
  • 11 winds of magic, 15 when overcast
  • Causes major magical damage
  • Large, randomly moving area of effect
  • Strong versus multiple units
  • Weak against armour
  • Overcast adds extended effect duration

Doombolt[edit | edit source]

The sky opens and a bolt of pure black Chaos hurtles towards the foe.

  • Type: Bombardment
  • Target: An enemy
  • 11 winds of magic, overcast for 16
  • Causes major magical damage
  • Medium strike area
  • Strong vs. a single combatant
  • good against armour
  • Overcast increases armour piercing damage

Soul Stealer[edit | edit source]

Tendrils of solidified darkness writhe outwards, draining the life force from foes and invigorating the caster.

  • Type: Direct Damage (Area)
  • Target: Area of effect, cast on ground or on unit
  • 18 winds of magic
  • Causes damage to combatants
  • Absorb hitpoins from combatants
  • Strong vs. single combatants
  • Weak vs. multiple combatants

Units[edit | edit source]

Units which can use spells from this lore:

Dark Elves

Videos[edit | edit source]

How to use the Lore of Dark Magic

Items[edit | edit source]

Items with bound spells from this lore:

  • None