Losteriksson's Great Hall

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Losteriksson's Great Hall
Norsca skeggi.png
FactionNorscan Tribes
CategoryLandmark (Skeggi, Isthmus of Lustria)
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Build time:
RecruitmentMarauder Berserkers, Marauder Champions, Marauder Hunters, Marauder Hunters (Javelins), Marauder Marauders
Bonus effects
  • Unit experience: +4 for all unit recruits
  • Casualty replenishment rate: +10%
  • Public Order: +10
  • Wine resource production: 30 barrels
  • Local recruitment capacity: +4
  • Lord recruit rank: +2 (factionwide)

Losteriksson's Great Hall is a landmark building in Total War: Warhammer which can only be built by the Norscan Tribes factions in Skeggi, Isthmus of Lustria.

Background[edit | edit source]

Skeggi’s original founder named it for his daughter, constructing this magnificent hall at the start of his second Lustrian expedition.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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