Mausoleum of the Mad Count

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Mausoleum of the Mad Count
Mausoleum of the mad count.png
FactionVon Carstein
CategoryLandmark (Castle Drakenhof, Eastern Sylvania)
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Build time:
Bonus effects
  • Vampire Icon hero.pngHero capacity: +2 (faction wide)
  • Enables Icon hero.pngHero recruitment: Vampire (local province)
  • Hero recruitment cost: -70% for Vampires (local province)
  • Hero recruit rank: +3 for Vampires (local province)
  • Mausoleum of the Mad Count is a landmark building in Total War: Warhammer which can only be built by the Von Carstein faction.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    Honour mine father in death as in life...

    Otto von Drak was the father of Isabella, noted for his degenerate madness – the final act of which was the joining of his hitherto selfish, immoral daughter to Vlad von Carstein. Although he did not personally know the suitor, Otto agreed the union to prevent his twisted brother, Leopold, from ascending to the throne, in an instant ensuring that the chaos of uncertainty did not befall Sylvania in the absence of a male heir. Little did he know that this marriage of convenience would blossom into the greatest of loves, defying time and dust to endure in obsessive devotion and eternal bliss. Isabella has not forgotten her beloved father, despite the centuries, and looks back upon his final act as the true beginning of her own life. So that the Mad Count – as he was frequently known – should always be remembered, she had his corpse interred inside a splendid chamber, dedicated to his life and achievements, so that the smallfolk may show suitable reverence.

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

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    • This building allows Von Carstein to recruit Vampire heroes much sooner than would normally be possible.

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