Moon Staff of Lileath

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Moon Staff of Lileath
Wh main anc arcane item.png
TypeArcane item
RarityIcon rarity legendary small.png Legendary
RaceHigh Elves
Required DLCNone

Moon Staff of Lileath is an arcane item added in Total War: Warhammer II. It is a legendary item for Teclis.

It was a hidden legendary item. It's unclear exactly how to trigger the quest for it. It may appear as a random drop after battle, similar to the Stone of Midnight. Or it could require the player to have completed the fourth ritual in Eye of the Vortex and be at war with a Skaven faction. After the Potion of Speed Update, all hidden items were unlocked after reaching a certain level.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Moon staff of Lileath: The vermin of Hruddithi

"We search for the Star crown. But that was just one of three sacred giftsbestowed upon us by the godess Lileath. The moon staff was another, wich is why you must keep it close, High loremaster, for it is precius as it is powerful. Yet its power currently wanes, for the Winds of Magic unravel. Nerby deposits of Warpstone further tamper with the staffs potency. Purge the area of vermin and the staff may awaken."

Objective: Win two battles against the Skaven.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Moon Staff is imbued with the immortal power of the Goddess Lileath, eternally youthful daughter of Isha.

Lore Background[edit | edit source]

The Moon Staff is imbued with the immortal power of the goddess Lileath, eternally youthful daughter of Isha, which flows through Teclis and invigorates his feeble frame. In times of great need, Teclis can call upon the full power of the staff. Doing so allows him to unleash a fearsome barrage of magical power, or else dissapate dangerous sorcerers energies before they spiral out of control, but also leaves Teclis himself badly weakened.

Effects[edit | edit source]

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