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Listed here are all the provinces, settlements, which faction owns them and what resources they have. This section is currently a little outdated.

In the first table below, a bold faction indicates it is playable. An italics faction indicates an NPC horde faction.

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New World:

Mortal Empires New World provinces
Region Province Settlements Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Ulthuan Eataine Lothern Racial capital Port Temperate Island Lothern Port, Landmark
Angerrial Minor Port Cult of Excess Resource wine.png Wine
Tower of Lysean Minor
Shrine of Asuryan Minor Landmark
Caledor Vaul's Anvil Province capital Temperate Island Caledor Resource iron.png Iron Landmark
Tor Sethai Minor Resource animals.png Exotic animals
Tiranoc Tor Anroc Province capital Port Temperate Island Tiranoc Resource gold.png Gold Landmark
Whitepeak Minor Resource marble.png Marble
Griffon Gate Griffon Gate Fortress Gate Temperate Island Tiranoc
Ellyrion Tor Elyr Province capital Temperate Island Ellyrion Resource gemstones.png Gemstones Landmark
Whitefire Tor Minor Resource wine.png Wine
Eagle Gate Eagle Gate Fortress Gate Temperate Island Ellyrion
Yvresse (province) Tor Yvresse Province capital Temperate Island Yvresse Resource grain.png Pastures Landmark
Elessaeli Minor Port Resource dyes.png Dyes
Cothique Tor Koruali Province capital Port Temperate Island Cothique Resource salt.png Salt Landmark
Mistnar Minor Port
Chrace Tor Achare Province capital Temperate Island Chrace Resource furs.png Furs Landmark
Elisia Minor Port Resource timber.png Timber
Saphery White Tower of Hoeth Province capital Temperate Island Saphery Landmark
Port Elistor Minor Port
Tor Finu Minor Resource iron.png Iron
Avelorn (province) Gaen Vale Province capital Temperate Island Avelorn (faction) Resource animals.png Exotic animals Landmark
Evershale Minor Port Temperate Island
Tor Saroir Minor Resource timber.png Timber
Phoenix Gate Phoenix Gate Fortress Gate Temperate Island Scourge of Khaine
Nagarythe (province) Tor Anlec Province capital Port Wasteland Scourge of Khaine Resource marble.png Marble Landmark
Shrine of Khaine Minor Landmark
Tor Dranil Minor
Unicorn Gate Unicorn Gate Fortress Gate Temperate Island Scourge of Khaine
Naggaroth The Road of Skulls Har Ganeth Province capital Frozen Har Ganeth Landmark
Kauark Minor Ruins
Spite Reach Minor Ghrond Resource wine.png Wine Landmark
The Black Pillar Minor Deadwood Sentinels
The Chill Road Ghrond Province capital Frozen Ghrond Resource gold.png Gold Landmark
Ashrak Minor Resource obsidian.png Obsidian
The Great Arena Minor
The Broken Lands Karond Kar Province capital Port Frozen Karond Kar Landmark
Slaver's Point Minor Port
Blacklight Tower Minor Port
The Clawed Coast Hotek's Column Province capital Frozen Clan Rictus Resource iron.png Iron Landmark
The Monoliths Minor The Forgebound Resource marble.png Marble
The Twisted Glade Minor Port
Deadwood The Frozen City Province capital Frozen Ruins
Shagrath Minor
Dargoth Minor Deadwood Sentinels Resource obsidian.png Obsidian
Nagrar Minor Resource timber.png Timber
Iron Mountains Naggarond Racial capital Port Frozen Naggarond Resource marble.png Marble Port, Landmarks
Har Kaldra Minor Ruins
Altar of Ultimate Darkness Minor Landmark
Rackdo Gorge Minor Mountain
Obsidian Peaks Clar Karond Province capital Port Frozen Clar Karond Resource timber.png Timber Landmark
Circle of Destruction Minor Port
Venom Glade Minor Resource furs.png Furs
Storag Kor Minor Mountain
The Black Flood Hag Graef Province Capital Port Frozen Hag Graef Landmark
Temple of Khaine Minor Ruins
Cragoth Deep Minor Mountain Hag Graef Resource animals.png Exotic animals Landmark
Shroktak Mount Minor
Titan Peaks Ancient City of Quintex Province capital Frozen Cult of Pleasure Resource obsidian.png Obsidian Landmark
Ironspike Minor Ss'ildra Tor Resource iron.png Iron
Ss'ildra Tor Minor Resource wine.png Wine
The Moon Shard Minor Resource timber.png Timber
Black Spine Mountains Red Desert Province capital Desert Ruins
Manblight Tribe
Resource salt.png Salt
Plain of Dogs Minor Wasteland Ruins
Shadowgor Warherd
Plain of Spiders Minor Exiles of Nehek Resource obsidian.png Obsidian
The Black Coast Arnheim Province capital Port Frozen Nagarythe Resource colony.png Elven colony
Bleak Hold Fortress Minor Bleak Holds
Doom Glades Hag Hall Province capital Frozen Bleak Holds Resource grain.png Pastures
Vaul's Anvil Minor Landmark
Temple of Addaioth Minor Ruins
Ripper-Horn Tribe
Ice Rock Gorge Minor Ruins
Aghol Wastelands Fortress of the Damned Province capital Port Chaotic Wasteland Aghol
The Palace of Ruin Minor
Palace of Princes Minor
Ironfrost Glacier Ironfrost Province capital Chaotic Wasteland Mung
Dagrak's End Minor
The Southlands Coast of Araby Al-Haikk Province capital Port Desert Thegan's Errantry Resource salt.png Salt
Copher Minor Port Resource spices.png Spices
Fyrus Minor Knights of Origo
Land of Assassins Wizard-Caliph's Palace Province capital Desert Followers of Nagash
Sorcerer's Islands Minor Port
Lashiek Minor Port Knights of the Flame
Blooded-Axe Tribe
Resource pottery.png Pottery
Atalan Mountains Martek Minor Mountain Thegan's Errantry Resource iron.png Iron
Vulture Mountain Province capital Greybeard's Prospectors
Eye of the Panther Minor Resource gemstones.png Gemstones
Great Desert of Araby The Black Tower of Arkhan Province capital Desert Rakaph Dynasty Landmark
Pools of Despair Minor
Bel Aliad Minor Ruins Resource gold.png Gold
El-Kalabad Minor Ruins Resource dyes.png Dyes
Land of the Dead Khemri Racial capital Desert Khemri Resource gold.png Gold Landmark
Zandri Minor Port Strygos Empire Landmark
Great Mortis Delta The Black Pyramid of Nagash Unique settlement Desert The Sentinels Landmarks
Ash River Numas Province capital Desert Numas Landmark
Quatar Minor Landmark
Pools of Eternal Life Minor Necrarch Brotherhood Resource marble.png Marble
Shifting Sands Ka-Sabar Province capital Desert Necrarch Brotherhood Resource grain.png Pastures Landmark
Bhagar Minor Dune Kingdoms Resource gemstones.png Gemstones Landmark
Antoch Minor
Charnel Valley Karrag Orrud Province capital Mountain Clan Mors Resource obsidian.png Obsidian Landmark
Granite Massif Minor Arachnos
Southlands World's Edge Mtns. Mount Arachnos Minor Mountain Arachnos Resource animals.png Exotic animals
Karak Zorn Province capital Karak Zorn Resource gold.png Gold Landmark
Lost Plateau Minor Ruins
Devil's Backbone Lybaras Minor Desert Court of Lybaras Resource spices.png Spices
Lahmia Racial capital The Silver Host Resource gemstones.png Gemstones Special settlement chain only
Mahrak Minor Resource iron.png Iron
Crater of the Walking Dead Rasetra Province capital Desert The Silver Host
Doom Glade Minor Clan Mordkin Resource timber.png Timber
Kingdom of Beasts Temple of Skulls Province capital Jungle Last Defenders Resource grain.png Pastures
The Cursed Jungle Minor Clan Mordkin Resource medicine.png Medicinal plants
Serpent Coast Minor Port Ruins
Southlands Jungle Teotiqua Province capital Jungle Teotiqua
The Golden Tower Minor Landmark
Lustria Isthmus of Lustria Hexoatl Racial capital Jungle Hexoatl Resource gold.png Gold Landmarks
Ziggurat of Dawn Minor Port Ruins Landmark
Fallen Gates Minor Savannah Clan Gnaw Resource spices.png Spices Landmark
Skeggi Minor Port Skeggi
Northern Jungles of Pahualaxa Macau Peaks Province capital Jungle Ruins Resource marble.png Marble
Port Reaver Minor Port Savannah New World Colonies
Swamp Town Minor Port Resource pottery.png Pottery
Shrine of Sotek Minor Ruins Resource dyes.png Dyes
Southern Jungles of Pahualaxa Pahaux Province capital Jungle Ruins Resource medicine.png Medicinal plants
Floating Pyramid Minor Blue Vipers Resource savage orcs.png Savage orcs
The High Sentinel Minor Port Savannah Blue Vipers Resource iron.png Iron
Resource savage orcs.png Savage orcs
Monument of the Moon Minor Port The Drowned
The Creeping Jungle Tlaxtlan Province capital Jungle Tlaxtlan Landmark
Tlanxla Minor Ruins Resource timber.png Timber
Temple of Kara Minor Port
Jungles of Green Mist Spektazuma Province capital Jungle Ruins Resource gemstones.png Gemstones
Wellsprings of Eternity Minor Resource grain.png Pastures
Huahuan Desert Sentinels of Xeti Province capital Jungle Sentinels of Xeti
The Golden Collossus Minor
Chamber of Visions Minor Ruins Resource medicine.png Medicinal plants Landmark
Spine of Sotek (province) Hualotal Province capital Mountain Spine of Sotek Dwarfs
Mine of the Bearded Skulls Minor Resource iron.png Iron
Monument of Izzatal Minor Ruins
Northern Great Jungle Xlanhuapec Province capital Jungle Cult of Sotek Landmark
Chaqua Minor Ruins Resource timber.png Timber
Xahutec Minor Resource medicine.png Medicinal plants
Temple of Tlencan Minor Port Vampire Coast Mutineers
Southern Great Jungle Itza Province capital Jungle Itza Resource gold.png Gold Landmark
Subatuun Minor Ruins
Axlotl Minor Resource timber.png Timber
Vampire Coast (province) The Awakening Province capital Port Jungle Vampire Coast
Pox Marsh Minor Port Vampire Coast Mutineers Resource pottery.png Pottery
The Blood Swamps Minor Port Ruins Resource dyes.png Dyes
Volcanic Islands The Star Tower Province capital Port Temperate Island Order of Loremasters Resource obsidian.png Obsidian
Resource colony.png Elven colony
Fuming Serpent Minor Port Jungle Clan Eshin Resource animals.png Exotic animals
Headhunter's Jungle Oxyl Province capital Port Jungle Clan Pestilens Resource animals.png Exotic animals Landmark
Marks of the Old Ones Minor Clan Eshin
Mangrove Coast Minor Port Ruins Resource medicine.png Medicinal plants
Chupayotl Minor Port Temperate Island The Blessed Dread Resource gold.png Gold
The Great Ocean The Galleon's Graveyard The Galleon's Graveyard Province capital Port Ocean Dreadfleet Landmark

Old World:

Old World provinces
Province Settlements Climate Special buildings Resources Starting faction
  • Albion: Province capital.
Chaotic Wasteland Vanaheimlings
Averland (province)
  • Averheim : Province capital.
  • Grenzstadt : Minor settlement.
Temperate Averland
  • Waterfall Palace: Province capital
Magical Forest Argwylon
Bastonne et Montfort
  • Castle Bastonn : Province capital.
  • Montfort : Minor settlement.
Temperate Bastonne
Black Mountains
  • Karak Angazhar : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Hirn : Province capital.
  • Mighdal Vongalbarak : Minor settlement.
Mountain Karak Hirn

Black Venom (Karak Anghazhar)

  • Deff Gorge : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Azgal : Province capital.
  • Kradtommen : Minor settlement.
  • Misty Mountain : Minor settlement.
Wasteland / Mountain Red Fangs (Karak Azgal and Deff Gorge)

Karak Azul (Kradtommen and Misty Mountain)

Blood River Valley
  • Barag Dawazbag : Minor settlement.
  • Barak Varr : Coastal province capital .
  • Dok Karaz : Minor port.
  • Varenka Hills : Minor port.
Mountain Barak Varr (Barak Varr and Varenka Hills)

Scabby Eye (Barag Dawazbag and Dok Karaz)

Bordeleaux et Aquitain
  • Aquitaine : Minor port.
  • Bordeleaux : Province capital and port.
Temperate Bordeleaux
Carcassone et Brionne
  • Brionne : Coastal province capital .
  • Castle Carcassonne : Province capital.
Temperate Carcassonne
Couronne et Languille
  • Couronne : Province capital.
  • L'Languille: Coastal minor port.
Temperate Couronne Tournament Grounds Couronne
Death Pass
  • Black Crag: Strategic province capital.
  • Iron Rock: Minor port.
  • Karag Dron: Minor settlement.
Wasteland / Mountain Greenskins

Red Fangs

Bloody Spearz

Desolation of Nagash
  • Black Iron Mine : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Azul : Province capital.
  • Spitepeak : Minor settlement.
  • Iron (Black Iron Mine)
  • Salt (Karak Azul)
Karak Azul
Eastern Badlands
  • Crooked Fang Fort : Minor settlement.
  • Dringorackaz : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Eight Peaks : Province capital.
  • Valayas Sorrow : Minor settlement.
Wasteland / Mountain Crooked Moon (Karak Eight Peaks)

Red Fangs (Fort and Valayas Sorrow)

Karak Azul (Dringorackaz)

Eastern Border Princes
  • Akendorf : Province capital.
  • Matorca : Minor port.
Temperate Border Princes
Eastern Oblast
  • Praag: Coastal province capital
  • Volksgrad: Minor settlement.
Temperate Kislev
Eastern Sylvania
  • Castle Drakenhof : Faction capital.
  • Eschen : Minor settlement.
  • Waldenhof : Minor settlement.
Temperate Vampire Counts (Drakenhof)


Estalia (province)
  • Magritta : Strategic coastal province capital.
  • Tobaro : Minor port.
  • Bilbali : Minor port.
Temperate Estalia
Forest of Arden
  • Castle Artois : Province capital.
  • Gisoreux : Minor settlement.
Temperate Artois
Gianthome Mountains
  • Khazid Bordkarag : Minor settlement.
  • Kraka Drak : Province capital.
  • Sjoktraken : Minor settlement.
Mountain Kraka Drak
Goromandy Mountains
  • Baersonling's Camp : Norsca camp.
  • Frozen Landing : Norsca camp.
  • Iron (Baersonling's Camp)
Goromadny Tribe
Hell Pit
  • Hell Pit: province capital.
Wasteland Clan Moulder
Helspire Mountains
  • Graeling Moot : Norsca camp.
  • Serpent Jetty : Norsca camp.
  • The Monolith of Katam : Norsca camp.
Chaotic Helspire Tribe
Hochland (province)
  • Hergig : Province capital.
  • Brass Keep : Minor settlement.
Temperate Hochland
Ice Tooth Mountains
  • Icedrake Fjord : Norsca camp and province capital.
  • Doomkeep : Norsca camp.
  • Longship Graveyard : Norsca camp.
Chaotic Norsca (Fjord)

Skaeling (Doomkeep and Graveyard)

Lyonesse (province)
  • Lyonesse : Province capital and port.
  • Mousillon : Minor settlement.
Temperate Lyonesse


Middenland (province)
  • Middenheim : Province capital.
  • Carroburg : Strategic settlement.
  • Weismund : Minor settlement.
Temperate Middenland
Mountains of Hel
  • Aeslings Conclave : Norsca camp.
  • Altar of Spawns : Norsca camp.
  • Winter Pyre : Norsca camp.
Chaotic Naglfarglings

Wintertooth (Winter Pyre)

Mountains of Naglfari
  • Naglfari Plain : Norsca camp.
  • Varg Camp : Norsca camp.
Chaotic Varg
Nordland (province)
  • Dietershafen : Minor port.
  • Salzenmund : Province capital.
Temperate Nordland
Northern Grey Mountains
  • Blackstone Post : Minor settlement.
  • Grung Zint : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Ziflin : Province capital.
Mountain Karak Ziflin

The Barrow Legion (Blackstone Post)

Skullsmasherz (Grung Zint)

Northern Oblast
  • Fort Ostrosk : Province capital.
  • Fort Straghov : Minor settlement.
Temperate Kislev
Northern Worlds Edge Mountains
  • Karak Ungor : Province capital.
  • Khazid Irkulaz : Minor settlement.
Mountain Red Eye
Ostermark (province)
  • Bechafen : Province capital.
  • Essen : Minor settlement.
Temperate Ostermark
Ostland (province)
  • Castle Von Rauken : Minor settlement.
  • Norden : Minor port.
  • Wolfenburg : Province capital.
Temperate Ostland
Parravon et Quenelles
  • Parravon : Province capital.
  • Quenelles : Minor settlement.
Temperate Parravon
Peak Pass
  • Karak Kadrin : Strategic province capital.
  • Gnashraks Lair : Minor settlement.
Mountain Karak Kadrin

Red Eye

  • Altdorf : Faction capital.
  • Eilhart : Minor port.
  • Grunburg : Minor settlement.
  • Helmgart : Minor settlement.
Temperate Empire (Altdorf)

Empire Secessionists

Rib Peaks
  • Grom Peak : Minor settlement.
  • Mount Gunbad : Strategic province capital.
Mountain Bloody Spearz
  • Sartosa : Province capital
Temperate Pirates of Sartosa
  • Skavenblight: Major faction capital
Wasteland Clan Skryre
Southern Badlands
  • Agrul Migdhal : Minor port.
  • Galbaraz : Province capital.
  • Gor Gazan : Minor settlement.
  • Gronti Mingol : Minor port.
Wasteland Top Knotz

Teef Snatchaz (Gronti Mingol)

Southern Grey Mountains
  • Grimhold : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Azgaraz : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Norn : Province capital.
Mountain Karak Norn

Crooked Moon (Karak Azgaraz)

Southern Oblast
  • Fort Jakova : Minor settlement.
  • Kislev : Faction capital.
  • Zavastra : Minor settlement.
Temperate Kislev
Stirland (province)
  • The Moot : Minor settlement.
  • Wurtbad : Province capital.
Temperate Stirland
Talabecland (province)
  • Kemperbad : Minor settlement.
  • Talabheim : Strategic province capital.
Temperate Talabecland
  • King's Glade: Province capital.
Magical Forest Wood Elves
The Chaos Wastes Chaotic

Warriors of Chaos

The Silver Road
  • Karaz-a-Karak : Faction capital.
  • Mount Squighorn : Minor settlement.
  • The Pillars of Grungni : Minor settlement.
Mountain Mountain (Karaz-a-Karak)

Bloody Spearz

The Vaults
  • Karak Bhufdar : Minor settlement.
  • Karak Izor : Province capital.
  • Zarakzil : Minor settlement.
Mountain Clan Angrund (Karak Izor)

Broken Nose

The Wasteland
  • Gorssel : Minor settlement.
  • Marienburg : Strategic coastal province capital.
Temperate Marienburg Docks

Marienburg Port

Marienburg Harbour

Tilea (province)
  • Miragliano : Strategic coastal faction capital.
  • Luccini : Minor port.
Temperate Tilea
  • Vaul's Anvil : Strategic province capital.
Magical Forest Torgovann
Troll Country
  • Erengrad : Strategic coastal province capital.
  • Zoishenk : Minor settlement.
Temperate / Frozen Kislev
Trollheim Mountains
  • Bay of Blades : Norsca camp.
  • Sarl Encampment : Norsca camp.
  • The Tower of Khrakk : Norsca camp.
Chaotic Varg
Vanaheim Mountains
  • Bjornlings Gathering : Norsca camp.
  • Pack Ice Bay : Norsca camp.
  • Troll Fjord : Norsca camp.
Chaotic Vanaheimlings
Western Badlands
  • Bitterstone Mine : Minor settlement.
  • Dragonhorn Mines : Minor settlement.
  • Ekrund : Province capital.
  • Stonemine Tower : Minor port.
Wasteland / Mountain The Bloody Handz

Teef Snatchaz

Scabby Eye

Western Border Princes
  • Myrmidens : Coastal province capital .
  • Zvorak : Minor settlement.
Temperate Border Princes
Western Sylvania
  • Castle Templehof : Province capital.
  • Fort Oberstyre : Minor settlement.
  • Schwartzhafen : Minor settlement.
Temperate Templehof

Von Carstein (Schwartzhaften)

Wissenland (province)
  • Nuln : Strategic province capital.
  • Pfeildorf : Minor settlement.
  • Wissenburg : Minor settlement.
Temperate Nuln Gunnery School

Nuln Cannon Foundry

  • Crag Halls of Findol: Strategic province capital.
Magical Forest Wydrioth (Faction)
Yn Edri Eternos
  • The Oak of Ages: Province capital
Magical Forest Wood Elves/Athel Loren
  • Karag Dromar : Minor settlement.
  • Oakenhammer : Minor settlement.
  • Zhufbar : Province capital.
Mountain Zhufbar