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Wh main vmp mousillon 256.png
General data
TypeMinor faction
CategoryVampire Counts
RulerThe Red Duke
CampaignsThe Old World
The Season of Revelation
Mortal Empires
Starting territoryOld World and Mortal Empires:

The Season of Revelation

Mousillon is a minor Vampire Counts faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is ruled by The Red Duke, a unique lord.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In the campaign, Mousillon is geographically separated from the other Vampire Counts factions - it lies in the west, surrounded by Bretonnian factions. Mousillon starts out controlling the city and region of Mousillon within the Lyonesse Province.

In the lore, Mousillon is a fallen city of Bretonnia with a dark reputation, stripped of its dukedom in days past. The city has been the lair of vampires and necromancers in the past, and the Black Knights of Mousillon who never lift their visors are rumoured to be undead.

Starting territory[edit | edit source]

Old World and Mortal Empires
The Season of Revelation