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Names of Power are titles that Dark Elves Dreadlord lord units or Master hero units can acquire in campaign, which give those lords or heros various bonuses. Dreadlords and Masters can get a Name of Power after reaching rank 10. A dilemma of a random category will present a choice of two related Names of Power.

Names of Power should not be confused with traits.

List of Names of Power[edit | edit source]

It is currently unknown whether the unit bonuses also apply to mounts and Regiments of Renown versions of the unit.

Name Type Effects How to obtain
Barbedlash Aristocratic
Barbstorm Revered The Usurper Dilemma
Beastbinder Revered
Black Conqueror Artistocratic Spoils of War Dilemma
Blackstone Martial
Bloodscourge Martial
Dark Marshall Martial
Darkpath Aristocratic
  • Campaign movement +10%
  • Ambush chance +20%
Dire Overseer Aristocratic
  • Growth +20 (local province?)
  • Trade agreement income +5%
  • Tradeable resources +5%
Drakecleaver Martial
  • Bonus vs. Large: +30
Dreadtongue Aristocratic
  • Diplomatic relations with Dark Elves factions: +5
  • Construction costs (local region? local province?) -5%
Emerald Eye Aristocratic
  • +15% campaign line of sight, +5% income industry all regions
Emeraldpath Aristocratic
Fangshield Revered
Fateshielded Martial
  • Ward save: +10%
Gatesmiter Aristocratic
Granitescence Revered
the Grey Vanquisher Revered
Griefbringer Martial
  • Attacks from this lord cause discourage, reducing enemy leadership.
Grimgaze Revered
the Hand of Wrath Martial
Headreaper Martial
  • Weapon strength: +20%
  • Missile damage: +10%
  • Enables magic attacks
Hydrablood Martial The Hydra Dilemma
Khainemarked Aristocratic
  • Har Ganeth Executioners in lord's army:
    • Ward save: +15%
    • Upkeep: -15%
    • Time to recruit: -1 turn (local province)
    • Untainted: +5 (local province)
Spoils of War Dilemma
Krakenclaw Revered
  • Black Ark Corsairs in lord's army:
    • Armour-piercing weapon damage: +100%
    • Armour-piercing missile damage: +100%
Leviathanrage Aristocratic
Lifequencher Revered
Moonshadow Revered
  • Leadership: +20 during ambushes (lord only)
  • Speed: +5 (lord's army)
Pathguard Aristocratic
Poisonblade Martial
  • Ammunition: +25%
  • Melee attack: +12
  • Enables poison attacks
Serpentheart Martial
Shadowdart Revered
Soulblaze Martial
  • Enables flaming attacks
  • Fire Resistance: +50%
  • Armour: +10
The Hydra Dilemma
Spiteheart Martial
Tempest of Talons Revered
Tormentor Revered
Wrathbringer Revered
  • Leadership: +10
  • Aura size: +100%
The Usurper Dilemma
Wyrmscale Martial
  • Speed: +5%
  • Armour: +15
  • Melee defence: +8

Sources[edit | edit source]

This list was compiled using these Reddit posts, along with some original research: