Northern Grey Mountains

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Northern Grey Mountains
Northern Grey Mountains.jpg
CampaignThe Old World
Mortal Empires
Starting factionKarak Ziflin
The Barrow Legion

Northern Grey Mountains is one of the provinces in the world of Warhammer, it is located in the Old World, between Bretonnia and The Empire.

In the Aye-Aye! Patch, the Mortal Empires version was altered. Blackstone Post was changed to the province capital, and had landmark buildings added. Additionally, Heinrich Kemmler and his faction The Barrow Legion were moved here.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

The Old World[edit | edit source]

  • Blackstone Post: Minor settlement. Produces Iron. Karak Ziflin.
  • Grung Zint: Minor settlement. Produces Marble. Home to minor Greenskins faction.
  • Karak Ziflin: Province capital. Produces Dyes. Home to Karak Ziflin.

Mortal Empires[edit | edit source]

Settlement Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Blackstone Post Province capital Mountain The Barrow Legion Resource iron.png Iron Castle Drakenfels' Catacombs
Castle Drakenfels' Library
Karak Ziflin Minor Karak Ziflin Resource dyes.png Dyes
Grung Zint Minor Skullsmasherz Resource marble.png Marble

Regional occupation[edit | edit source]

Regional occupation

  • Mountains, Wastelands, Badlands