Oathgold Mine

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Oathgold Mine is a Special Landmark in Total War: Warhammer II located in Galbaraz.

"The Oathgold of Galbaraz is the purest gold, mined from the deepest of deeps. Only small deposits exist, usually in remote locations."



  • Icon income plus.pngIncome generated: 1000
  • Oathgold generated: 5 per turn
  • Unlocks Hero recruitment: Runesmith
  • Public order.pngPublic order: +5
  • Hero capacity: +1 for Runesmiths
  • Hero recruit rank: +1 for Runesmiths (factionwide)
  • Military spending.pngUpkeep: -5% for Miners and Hammerers units (all armies)
  • Experience.pngRecruit rank: +4 for Miners units
  • Siege defence.pngProvides garrison: