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The offices panel

Offices are a gameplay mechanic for The Empire in the campaign in Total War: Warhammer.

This feature was removed from Total War: Warhammer II in The Empire Undivided Update and replaced with Imperial Forts and an expanded Elector Counts system.

Offices in the Imperial cabinet are six position of power that allow an Empire player to further tweak and specialize their lords and heroes. Each has a different effect on the local province and army, with a few having a global, empire-wide effect. In general, it's recommended to staff these sooner, rather than later.

List of offices[edit | edit source]

Office Min. level Effects Description
Wh main minister emp faction leader.pngEmperor Special title used only by Karl Franz Elected sovereign, Protector of the Empire, Defiler of the Dark and wielder of Skull Splitter.
Wh main minister emp castellan-engineer.pngCastellan Engineer 1
Local province
  • Treasury.png Construction cost: -10% for all buildings
  • Upkeep: -10% for artillery
Amongst his other titles, the Castellan-Engineer is the Defender of the Walls, charged with ensuring the capital never succumbs to siege.
Wh main minister emp treasurer.png Treasurer 1
  • Income from all buildings: +5%
  • Additional tradable resources produced: +25%
Known derogatorily as "The Goldgather" after the detested Emperor Boris, the treasurer has the thankless task of managing the nation’s coin.
Wh main minister emp spymaster.png Spymaster 10
Local province
  • Hero action cost: -50%
  • Hero action success chance: +5%
  • Enemy Hero action success chance: -5%
Unofficially known as the Black Count, this lord is said to command the Emperor’s Eyes, a spy network that spans the known world.
Wh main minister emp arch lector.pngArch Lector 10
Local province effects
One of the two Arch Lectors will often be at the Emperor’s court, speaking with the Grand Theogonist’s voice on all religious matters.
Wh main minister emp reiksmarshal.png Reiksmarshal 15
  • Experience.png Unit experience: +2 for Reiksguard unit recruits
Local province
  • Army.png Local recruitment capacity: +1
The Reiksmarshal is captain of the Reiksguard and the Empire’s senior military commander.
Wh main minister emp supreme patriarch.pngPatriarch 15
Local province
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Battle Wizards
  • Winds of Magic power reserve: +18
A master of the Colleges of Magic, the Emperor’s current advisor on all things magical when the Supreme Patriarch is unavailable.