Ogre Kingdoms

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The Ogre Kingdoms are a race in Warhammer Fantasy which is speculated to be playable in the upcoming Total War: Warhammer III.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Ogre Kingdoms lie in the Mountains of Mourn which are east of the Dark Lands. The Ogres abandoned their original homeland (located in the far east near Cathay) in ancient times. The Kingdoms are inhabited mostly by the namesake Ogres, a race of large humanoids, and Gnoblars, a small type of Greenskin. Ogres are violent, tough, and always hungry, and typically a little smarter than Greenskins (though not by much). Gnoblars are small and cowardly, but vicious. Ogre culture revolves mostly around eating and violence, and cannibalism is common and accepted. Their primary god The Great Maw is a cruel deity of unending hunger and is worshipped with great bloody feasts. Each Ogre Kingdom is ruled by a Tyrant, though the current Overtyrant of the Ogre Kingdoms is Greasus Goldtooth, who has managed to convince most Ogres that gold is as valuable as food. The Ogre Kingdoms are unique in that almost every unit in their army is monstrous infantry, though they are also accompanied by various beasts of the mountains and of course Gnoblars. Ogres also have a great wanderlust, and Ogre mercenaries, known as Maneaters, can be found across the world.

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Evidence[edit | edit source]

Creative Assembly has said that, by the end of the Total War: Warhammer trilogy of videogames, they aim to make playable every race that had an army book in the 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. This would include the Ogre Kingdoms.

An early leak datamined from Total War: Warhammer by Russians, stated that Ogre Kingdoms would appear as DLC. Creative Assembly has stated that the leak is now very outdated.