Peasant Economy

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Bullet brt peasants.pngPeasant Economy is a mechanic in campaign for Bretonnia and it's subfactions Bordeleaux and Carcassonne.

For each settlement you control, your armies can sustain an additional 2 peasant units (Your faction's capital can sustain 8). When peasants are recruited into the army they cannot continue working on their farms, as such farming income will decline and your economy will suffer if you recruit over your limit of peasants.

Players must balance recruiting cheaper peasant units with more expensive knight units.

List of peasant units[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • To offset this, players can invest in industry buildings such as the Weaving House, Clothier and Tailors which produce income, however they drastically lower income from Farms.
  • Players can also use lords with vow skills to reduce upkeep of knight units, and recruit more knights.
  • Players can also build the Windmill and Waterwheel to increase income from farms in the local region.