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Were you looking for the spell of the same name? Please see Skaven Spells of Plague#Plague.

Icon plague.png Plagues are a gameplay mechanic which occur in campaign mode in the Total War: Warhammer series.

Plague is a sickness that negatively affects settlements and armies. Spreading plagues is currently a campaign mechanic for Norsca and Skaven.

Norsca[edit | edit source]

When playing Norsca and gaining max Bullet nor gods.pngallegiance with the Norse god crow.pngCrow, a plague will affect the campaign map.

Skaven[edit | edit source]

In Total War: Warhammer II, Skaven factions can spread plague using the special Pestilent Scheme Priest hero unit, who is summoned via The Pestilent Scheme Icon minor rituals.pngrite. He can choose to spread plague to a single settlement before dying.

Each turn, there is a chance that the plague will spread, to infect a neighbouring settlement.

If an army ends its turn in the local region of an infected settlement, there is a chance the plague will infect the army.

If an army attacks an infected settlement, the army has a chance to become infected.

If an infected army moves to a settlement, the settlement becomes infected.

Each turn, each infected army or settlement has a chance to be cured. On average, an army/settlement will be infected for 6 turns. However, if plagues keep spreading around then they can in theory last indefinitely, though statistically this chance is very small.

Infected settlements suffer the following effects:

Infected armies suffer the following effects:

  • Massive Icon attrition.pngattrition (even on Legendary).

Clan Pestilens Tweaks[edit | edit source]

Clan Pestilens has received a few nuggets of plaguey goodness to spice up their campaign as of the Potion of Speed Update:

  • Clan Pestilens now unlocks the Rite of Pestilence when constructing a Pox Cauldron instead of a Pestilent Nave
  • -15 turn cooldown on the Rite of Pestilence
  • Clan Pestilens now enjoys uniquely large benefits for spreading plagues to their own forces and cities, granting growth and economic benefits for cities and powerful combat bonuses for forces
  • Clan Pestilens now has access to a special Under Empire building that continuously spawns a plague in the settlement above
  • New faction effect: Chance of a plague spreading +50%

Lizardmen[edit | edit source]

Lizardmen do not spread plague. However their Alignment of Order commandment has the following effects:

  • Reduced chances of a Plague.pngplague spreading (local armies)
  • Reduced Plague.pngplague duration

Note that the power of Lizardmen commandments increases and decreases depending on the Geomantic Web. As such, the actual amounts that plagues are reduced by changes.