Plaque of Sotek

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The Plaque of Sotek (Quest) is a set piece battle for Total War: Warhammer II. It requires The Prophet and the Warlock DLC to be playable.


With Sotek's arrival finally at hand, Tehenhauin lays an elaborate trap for the Skaven that he knows still dwell beneath the jungle floors of noble Lustria. If everything goes according to his plan, the remaining Skaven host will be driven back and then herded to Gwakmol Crater, where they would be unable to escape their certain fate. Thought the Skaven outnumber the Lizardmen many time over, the Prophet's ever-growing force is empowered by their leader's undeniable vigour, and they feel assured of victory despite the seemingly insurmontable odds.

Intro Dialogue[edit]

Plaque of Sotek
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CampaignEye of the Vortex, Mortal Empires
Legendary LordTehenhauin
FactionCult of Sotek
Battle typeClassic
RewardPlaque of Sotek,

Bonus EXP : 1500 for Tehenhauin,

Sacrificial offerings : +200

Tehenhauin : " The time is upon us, apostles ! It has been foretold ! The Rodent-God's pestilent spawn blight our kind, but today the Red Crested Skins shall strike a vengeful blow.

We shall send these plague-beasts to the bottom of the pit, where the Great Serpent's wrath awaits them ! With this glorious sacrifice, Skaven-kind will know that the Prophecy of Sotek has come to pass ! "