Prophecy of Sotek

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The Prohphect of Sotek is a unique campaign mechanic to the Cult of Sotek faction playable in the Prophet and the Warlock DLC

Overview[edit | edit source]

Tehenhauin believes that with sufficient sacrifices, the serpent-god may yet return, bringing salvation to the Lizardmen and the extermination of the Skaven. Tehenauin will be issued with a series of unique missions, the completion of which grants access to new forms of sacrifice. When performed, these reward Tehenauin with unique banners, followers, powerful temporary effects, Regiments of Renown and more.

As Tehenauin and his forces win battles against non-Lizardmen armies, they may choose to mark any post-battle captives as Sacrificial Offerings. As the offerings build, they may be spent on performing the sacrifices accessed by the Prophecy of Sotek missions.

The highest level of sacrifice grants Tehenauin the ability to evoke Sotek himself, manifesting an aspect of the serpent-god in battle to deal devastating damage to his foes.

The mechanic starts as a negative with the Saurus upkeep increase then turns to a positive, and finally a greater positive

Stage 1: The Rise of the Red Crests[edit | edit source]

Against the cohort of non-believers, Sotek's red-crested faithful shall emerge as his champions to go forth and make disciples of all the Old One's children, beseeching them in the name of the Serpent-God.

Inital effect: +200% upkeep for Saurus infantry and Temple Guard units. (all armies)


  • Own the entirety of 2 provinces
  • Perform 5 rituals of the following category: Sacrifice

Unlocks Tier 2 Sacrifices

Stage 2: The Skaven War[edit | edit source]

At time of the three-hundreth cycle of this world, the two moons shall unite and summon forth the Rodent-god and his spawn to deliver plague and pestilence upon the land named Lustria

Initial Effect: All Skaven are at war with all Lizardmen, +30 Diplomatic relations with Lizardmen, Diplomacy with Skaven is locked


  • Own 3 provinces
  • Win 3 battles against Skaven
  • Perform 5 ritual sacrifices

Stage 3: Sotek Manifests[edit | edit source]

Behold Sotek, a serpent of such unimaginable size and appetite that he shall swallow the Rat-God himself and spend a thousand years digesting him, crushing him within his coil!


  • +10% Physical resistance for all units (all armies)
  • Research Rate +20%
  • Leadership +10 when fighting against Skaven
  • Diplomacy with Skaven is locked