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Icon public order.pngPublic Order, also called Obedience (Greenskins) and Control, is a measure of how happy the populace of a province is, and likely they are to rebel against the controlling faction.

Various factors can improve public order, such as certain buildings and the stationing of armies in the province settlements. Other factors can be detrimental such as taxes, corruption, or invading armies. For Skaven, food strongly affects public order.

A province revolts if public order ever drops to -100, making it a crucial resource to manage.

Factors improving public order[edit | edit source]

Factors reducing public order[edit | edit source]

  • Taxes
  • Looting and razing.
  • Conquering cities and provinces (both one-time local penalties and faction-wide decaying penalties).
  • Corruption (or the lack of the vampiric variety for the Vampire Counts)
  • Negative Character traits.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Think of public order as a resource, not an abstract measure. Taxes convert public order into money and a balance must be struck. Sometimes it's easier to not tax a province in the short term to build up a reserve of order to spend.
  • Corruption should be a top priority when it comes to dealing with public order issues. Weed out corruption, lest it weeds you out.
  • When playing as the Vampire Counts, the speed with which conquered provinces are blighted with the vampiric taint determines how swiftly conquest into enemy territories can be consolidated.
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