Raiding Camp

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Raiding camp.pngRaiding Camp is a special stance available to Norscan armies. It combines the effects of encamp and raiding, and replaces encamp for them.

Greenskins have a similar stance called Raidin' Camp.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Set up a defensive camp, allowing for replenishment while raiding from the local region.

  • Campaign movement range required to adopt: 50% (removed in THE TOTAL WAAAGH! UPDATE, May 2020)
  • You cannot adopt this stance while garrisoned
  • Income generated from raiding
  • Enables replenishment and access to the global recruitment pool
  • Public order -3 in the raided province
  • Growth -5 in the raided province
  • Immune to attrition
  • Leadership +10 (lord's army)
  • Upkeep -20% (lord's army all units)
  • Melee defence (lord's army)
  • Diplomacy: penalties with raided factions
  • Income from all buildings -100% (when raiding own region)
  • Campaign movement: disabled