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Random events are a kind of event which cause a random effect to happen to your faction or to all factions.

List of Random Events[edit | edit source]

  • The Disappeared: one of your cities suffers negative population growth for a few turns. Flavour text hints at Skaven with "triangular symbol".
  • The Savage Blow: all factions now have extra charge bonus (x turns)
  • Recruiting Surplus: -25% recruitment cost for all your forces (3 turns)
  • A Brutal Business: +20 Weapon damage for all armies of all factions (10 turns)
  • Shoddy Workmanship: -10% income from all buildings faction-wide (3 turns)
  • Evanescent Rift: +10 Winds of Magic power reserve and starting amount for all armies (5 turns)
  • Clear Skies: +6 Leadership factionwide (3 turns)
  • Wax & Wane: -6 Leadership factionwide (3 turns)
  • Lethal Etiquette: +10% Hero action success chance (5 turns)
Wood Elves
  • Voice of the Forest: recruits a Waystalker at one of your settlements.
  • The Forge of Starlight: Leadership +? (? turns)
  • Only One: Leadership +12 when fighting against Beastmen Warherds, for 6 turns.
  • The Great Council: Treasury +1500
  • Gobbo Riots: Obedience -4 (factionwide)
  • Da Great Green Prophet: Obedience -4 (all provinces, 3 turns)
  • Night of Da Bloody Long Stabbas: Hero recruited at capital: Goblin Big Boss
  • Itz Kinda Magic: Hero recruited at capital: Night Goblin Shaman
High Elves
  • Guerillas In Our Midst: Public Order -3 (4 turns) (all provinces).
Vampire Counts
Dark Elves
  • Pain Makers: +25% income from raiding, +25% income from sacking
  • A Dripping Blade: Hero recruited at your capital: Khainite Assassin
Vampire Coast
  • Amanar Attacks: Damages buildings in a random coastal city
  • Warpstone Geode: -35% Recruitment cost for Warpfire Thrower, Warp Lightning Cannon and Doomwheel units (all provinces, 4 turns)
  • Brand New Mischief:
    • This province has seen record-sized litters in recent years and the population is booming. Packs of Skavenslaves and Clanrats swell and, as every young buck knows, there is strength in numbers. Both leadership and public order in the province have risen as a result of this good news.
    • Brand New Mischief: 3 turns
    • Leadership +6 (local armies)
    • Public order: +10