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Experience.pngExperience and ranks (rank is also known as veterancy or level) are gained by units in campaign mode.

Experience is gained by fighting in battles (including autoresolve), and from many other sources. Once a unit gains enough experience, it will go up in rank and become stronger.

Ranking up affects characters and regular units differently.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Characters such as legendary lords, lords and heroes gain experience and rank up. Ranking up will give the character 1 skill point with which to purchase a new skill from their skill tree. Ranking up will also unlock new skills in the skill tree, as well as quests (sometimes culminating in a set piece battle), mounts, items, spells, other abilities and more.

Ranking up will also increase the battle stats of a character.

A few unique characters do not gain experience or rank up.

Regular units[edit | edit source]

The regular units in an army gain ranks which are depicted with bronze, silver, or gold chevrons on their unit card.

Ranks increase the leadership, melee attack, melee defense, and missile damage stats of a unit.

Regiments of Renown, Blessed Spawnings and Legions of Legend are always at max rank (3 gold chevrons).

Rank Chevrons XP Required Cumulative XP Leadership Bonus
Rank 1 1 Bronze 1100 1100 +1
Rank 2 2 Bronze 600 1700 +2
Rank 3 3 Bronze 800 2500 +3
Rank 4 1 Silver 1100 3600 +4
Rank 5 2 Silver 1400 5000 +5
Rank 6 3 Silver 2000 7000 +6
Rank 7 1 Gold 3600 10600 +7
Rank 8 2 Gold 4900 15500 +8
Rank 9 3 Gold 6500 22000 +10