Rats, Rats Everywhere!

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Rats, Rats Everywhere! is a treasure hunt that can occur when searching ruins in Total War: Warhammer II. It can occur in Eye of the Vortex.

Deep within the ruins of a recently destroyed city, you send a scouting party to investigate a nearby tunnel entrance. While waiting for them to return you suddenly find that your camp is completely surrounded by Skaven. What a surprise? They demand payment for your safe passage.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Pay them[edit | edit source]

Fight them[edit | edit source]

  • -25% Campaign Movement Speed for 3 turns.
  • Nothing happens.

Wait until your scouts return[edit | edit source]

Scout come back and rats run away

Say you work for the Horned Rat[edit | edit source]

Confused, impressed or afraid... you're not sure which; Skaven expressions are so hard to read. Either way, your ruse works: the Skaven eventually offer you tribute before quickly departing.

  • Skaven: Ritual Currency +250
  • Non-skaven: searching character is wounded.
  • Mortal Empires: searching character is wounded even if it's Skaven