Rattus ex Machina

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Rattus ex Machina is a Skaven loyalty Dilemma. The Lord this relates to appears in the top of the dilemma message.

Clan Skryre! Those crazed and manic rats mix magic and science together to make arcane, biological horrors. Now they want to do it to your troops. Disgusting, sir, or tempting?

1st Choice[edit | edit source]

Let them create monsters: Loyalty +1, Attrition (Lord's Army

Deny them: Loyalty -1

2nd Choice[edit | edit source]

The Clan Skryre rats skulk back to you. Their vicious little noses twitch in anticipation - your subjects were exquisite, they say, and they want more...

Give them more: Loyalty +2, Attrition

Deny them more: Loyalty -1