Realm of Souls Tier 1

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Realm of Souls Tier 1
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TypeIcon spell augment.pngRegeneration
Duration7 Seconds
Active IfRealm of Souls Tier 1 is reached
Disabled IfIcon stat morale.pngLeadership is broken
EffectsReplenishes Icon stat health.pnghit points over time
Heals injured before resurrecting

Realm of Souls Tier 1 is an ability innate on most Tomb Kings units.

From within the Realm of Souls - Nehekara's revered afterlife- deceased warriors are called forth and bound to mortal remains, to find purpose once again through war.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Regeneration
  • Duration: 7 Seconds
  • Target: Self
  • Active if: Realm of Souls Tier 1 is reached
  • Disabled if: Leadership is broken
  • Replenishes up to 104 hitpoints of combatants
  • Heals injured before resurrecting

Tips[edit | edit source]

This only activates on Undead units, which basically means if its a Skeleton, it will be healed. Constructs will not be healed, Lords and Heroes will not be healed, and undead flying birds will not be healed. All Skeleton units will including Skeleton chariots, Nehekhara Horsemen, etc.