Red Fangs

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Red Fangs
Wh main grn red fangs 256.png
General data
RulerGorfang Rotgut
Starting territoryBlack Crag


Red Fangs is a minor Greenskins faction introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is led by Gorfang Rotgut and can be found in the northeastern Badlands.


Over the centuries, many tribes have fought over and occupied Black Crag, and the most powerful tribe has always taken the crag as its newfound home. Gorfang's tribe, the Red Fangs, is currently the most powerful Orc tribe within the area around the western end of Death Pass. Gorfang has subjugated most of the local Orc tribes and has since allied himself with the Night Goblins of Karak Eight Peaks, whose leader is the old and infamously cunning Skarsnik. The two leaders enjoy an uneasy alliance, with Skarsnik controlling the mountains around Karak Eight Peaks and the eastern end of Death Pass, while Gorfang controls the western end and the adjoining area.[1]


Old World
Mortal Empires


The Red Fangs reside within the Badlands in control of Black Crag. They act as opponents for Grimgor Ironhide and can potentially be a threat against the nearby Dwarfs.



The Red Fangs tribe is depicted in the introduction trailer for the Greenskins and is presented as an enemy of Grimgor.