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Wh main unit passive regeneration.png
TypeIcon spell augment.pngAugment
EffectsReplenishes hit points over time
+25% Modifier icon flaming.png Weakness to Fire Damage

There are beings and creatures that can mend bone and knit flesh at an incredible rate. A mighty boon, but one stunted by fire.

Units[edit | edit source]

Warriors of Chaos[edit | edit source]

Chaos Trolls (Armoured)

Chaos Trolls

Vampire Counts[edit | edit source]

Verek's Reavers (Black Knights - Lances & Barding)

Helman Ghorst

Master Necromancer


Strigoi Ghoul King

The Sternsmen (Grave Guard)

The Claw of Nagash (Mortis Engine)

Corpse Cart

Corpse Cart (Balefire)

Corpse Cart (Unholy Lodestone)

Mortis Engine

Crypt Horrors



Beastmen[edit | edit source]

Morghur the Shadowgave

Butchers of Kalkengard (Minotaurs - Shields)

Greenskins[edit | edit source]

Deff Creepers (Forest Goblin Spider Rider Archers)


Tomb Kings[edit | edit source]

The Khepra Guard (Tomb Guard)

Norsca[edit | edit source]

Skin Wolf Werekin


Norscan Ice Trolls

Skin Wolves

Skin Wolves (Armoured)

Norsca Trolls

Maws of Savagery (Skin Wolves - Armoured)

Dark Elves[edit | edit source]

War Hydra

Chill of Sontar

Dwarfs[edit | edit source]

Bugman's Rangers

Skaven[edit | edit source]

Hell Pit Abomination

Vampire Coast[edit | edit source]

Lamprey's Revenge

Depth Guard

Depth Guard (Polearms)

Items[edit | edit source]