Reik-Admiral Houghhoff

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Reik-Admiral Houghhoff is one the legendary Pirate Lords of the Shark Strait Seadogs that carries one of the Sea Shanties required for the Vampire Coast victory.

Description[edit | edit source]

Upon spawning, an event will trigger providng the backstory of who Reik-Admiral Houghhoff is:

"Houghhoff was a renowned admiral in the imperial navy and his tale is one of bewilderment. The story tells that he kept a bright yellow parrot as a pet that sat upon his shoulder, never leaving his master's side for a moment. Houghhoff, famous for having never lost a battle at sea, somewhat oddly put the credit for every victory solely with the parrot! Supposedly, duriong the heat of battle, the parrot squaked key tactical advice, which the admiral would use to soundly beat his opponents.

Whether Houghhoff's parrot was simply uttering madness-induced ramblings or not, his crew could not deny the Reik-Admiral's resultant mastery of naval combat. So, when one morning Houghhoff exited his cabin and announced to his crew that they were to leave the service of the Empire immediately and become pirates - upon the suggestion of the parrot - everyone aboard simply... agreed."

Units[edit | edit source]

Houghhoff spawns with a full 20 stack of units. A mixture of both Empire and Norscan forces.