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Why content is removed[edit | edit source]

During the course of the Total War: Warhammer games, downloadable content is released. In most of the cases the content comes in form of new Lords and new Factions. This can result in the new faction taking the location of an old one, replacing it. An example of this is when Doomsayers Update released with The Prophet and the Warlock DLC. In the Mortal Empires map, the faction of Xlanhuapec got replaced by the new Cult of Sotek.

While the removal of a generic lord such as Rinki in favor of adding an actual established Warhammer lore character probably does not bother many at all, this page still exists as a form of documentation of what has been taken out of the game over the years.

The banner of Schwartzhafen, a removed Vampire Counts faction.

List of removed factions:[edit | edit source]

Note that these were all minor NPC factions. No playable factions have been removed.

List of factions that appear under certain circumstances:[edit | edit source]

These factions were removed from the game in most of the campaigns but still appear under certain circumstances, such as when playing a specific faction.

List of removed lords:[edit | edit source]

Philipp Billings, a removed lord.

Note that these were all generic NPC lords. No playable lords have been removed.

List of removed cities:[edit | edit source]

  • Helmgart, while not technically removed, got replaced by Ubersreik as a city in the Reikland province. Helmgart now exists as Fortress Gates to the Bretonnian border.
  • Grimhold, formerly a Dwarfen hold in Karak Norn's control. The name was changed to Fester Spike and is now in the control of Clan Spittel. Note: the settlement is not removed, it has just switched names.

List of removed gameplay systems:[edit | edit source]

List of removed (changed) names:[edit | edit source]

With the Potion of Speed Update and The Total Waaagh! Update several of the factions with generic names such as the Empire had their names changed to something more unique and fitting for them. As such, the previous names are removed. Note that these only affect the "main" faction (with generic names) of these races, so factions like Bordeleaux won't have their names changed. In the case of Lothern becoming Eataine it is because Lothern is a city in the Eataine lands. As such the former name did not fit the faction.

  • The Empire -> Reikland
  • Dwarfs -> Karaz-a-Karak
  • Norsca -> World Walkers
  • Vampire Counts -> Sylvania
  • Bretonnia -> Couronne
  • Wood Elves -> Talsyn
  • Greenskins -> Black Crag -> Grimgor's 'Ardboyz
  • Vampire Coast -> The Awakened
  • Lothern -> Eataine

Treasure Hunt Dilemmas[edit | edit source]

  • The original dilemmas that used to appear during Treasure hunts were replaced with the release of the Aye-Aye! Patch. The list of removed dilemmas can be found here.
  • The original dilemmas would present you with a few choices with no indication of what might happen, and contained a lot of negative consequences for picking the wrong choice. They were all replaced with the new puzzle solving treasure hunts.

Amber[edit | edit source]

  • While Amber was not removed from the game entirely, its functionality was stripped down significantly with the Wood Elf rework in The Twisted and the Twilight. It now is only used for technologies and only acquired by fully healing a Magical Forest Climate.