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A typical Rogue Armies faction crest.

Rogue Armies are a type of faction that was introduced in the campaign mode of Total War: Warhammer II. All Rogue Armies are minor, non-playable factions.

Rogue Armies start out as roaming hordes. However, if they conquer a settlement they can settle down to become a regular faction that constructs buildings in settlements.

All Rogue armies used the same background for their crest, but the icons on them vary. Most of these icons were taken from existing minor factions.

The Aye-Aye! Patch introduced new Rogue Pirates which use a blue or teal line in their background instead a red one like regular Rogue Armies.

The Tomb Kings and the Vampire Coast both must take on specific Rogue Armies to unlock features or complete campaign objectives.

Unit roster[edit | edit source]

The various different Rogue Armies factions have different unit rosters. This often includes units from several different races. For instance, Vashnaar's Conquest can recruit units from both Dark Elves and Chaos Warriors rosters, while Pirates of the Far Sea can recruit units from The Empire and Bretonnia. See each individual Rogue Armies faction page for details on which units they can recruit.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

See Rogue Armies buildings.

How to deal with Rogue Armies[edit | edit source]

Click here to add a strategy! The best strategy is to destroy them as soon as they appear. For example with a guardian army patrolling around your settlements

Rogue Armies List[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Books of Nagash[edit | edit source]

These armies only appear during a Tomb Kings campaign, and each hold one of the Books of Nagash.

Rogue Pirates List[edit | edit source]

Pieces of Eight[edit | edit source]

These armies will always appear, but if you are playing a Vampire Coast campaign then defeating them will allow you to acquire one of the Pieces of Eight to unlock your Regiments of Renown.

The Star-Metal Harpoon[edit | edit source]

Additionally, this army will appear and not move from it's location when playing as a Vampire Coast faction, and defeating them will allow you to obtain the Star-Metal Harpoon, which is required for campaign victory.

Verse of the Sea Shanty[edit | edit source]

These armies only appear during a Vampire Coast campaign once you have raised your Infamy high enough. Defeating them will teach you a verse of the Sea Shanty, which is required for campaign victory.