Salvaged Plunder

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Salvaged Plunder is a Dilemma for The Empire and The Golden Order as part of the Fealty and Imperial Authority mechanics. These events can be applied to any Elector Count, in this example Talabecland is used.

You find out that a cargo ship containing treasure rightfully belonging to you - plundered by your very own men from the temple-cities of Lustria - had recently arrived in Marienburg. The cargo ship was not of your state, however, its crew had claimed the plunder as salvage after your own prized transport galleon shipwrecked on some uncharted rocky islets out in the Great Ocean.

You send your retinue to Marienburg to forcibly claim what you consider to be rightfully yours, which will at least cover the cost of your lost galleon. Upon arriving, however, they discover the cargo ship containing your treasure belongs to Talabecland.


  • Appeal to Electors: -500 Prestige
  • Leave the treasure: -800 gold
  • Take the treasure: -1 Fealty of Talabecland


This event is a clear reference to Markus Wulfhart and the Huntsmarshal's Expedition. In his campaign, the Electors frequently send waves of troops and money to aid your efforts. This dilemma is the flip side of that as an Elector Count, where your soldiers were returning with their looted treasure.