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Scavengers is a treasure hunt that can occur when searching ruins in Total War: Warhammer II.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Whilst searching through the ruins of this city, almost levelled by war, you notice an unfamiliar band of scavengers picking carefully through the ruins. Potentially, this is not good, as one wrong word could see you all dead. How do you wish to proceed?

Avoid conflict and leave[edit | edit source]

The other party are not known to you, and they are carrying a variety of sharp-looking weapons with them. Plunder is never worth losing your life over, you leave empty-handed.

  • Neutral result.

Offer to help them search[edit | edit source]

Your gut feeling was correct! You join up with the scavengers to search the ruins. However, after a few hours they disappear, along with some of your belongings!

  • Treasury -500
  • Scavengers (duration: 5 turns): Magic item drop chance -50%

Or: Treasury +500

Give them a wide berth[edit | edit source]

You find a few discarded trinkets that may have some worth, but have the sinking feeling the main hoard has been lost to the strangers. You win some, you lose some.

Or: You didn't manage to find anything of interest. It seems the strangers got here first and cleaned the place out. You curse the sky and leave.

Attack the thieves[edit | edit source]

You chase off the thieves with ease. It is unfortunate, but not a total surprise, to find that they hadn't located anything of value either.

  • Neutral result.