Shadow Meets Blade (Skaven)

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Shadow Meets Blade
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CampaignEye of the Vortex
Legendary LordDeathmaster Snikch
FactionSkaven, Clan Eshin
OpponentHag Graef
Battle typeLand Battle
RewardCampaign Victory

Shadow Meets Blade is a set piece battle in Total War: Warhammer II. It is the last battle of The Shadow and the Blade's Eye of the Vortex Campaign.

Description[edit | edit source]

The mysterious power that Deathmaster Snikch has been sent after has turned out to be much more potent that he could have imagined. The Deathmaster might even consider the consequences of keeping it for himself - with such dark, powerful energies at his disposal, no being, mortal or otherwise, would be beyond the reach of his assassination attempts! Before that, however, Snikch still has to kill the Elf-thing who wields the Daemon before he can make a cowardly escape aboard his Black Ark...

Intro Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Deathmaster Snikch: "Finally, Nightlord's mission will be complete, yes-yes. Druchii Elf-thing has what I came for.

And just in-in time! Long-limb no-fur tries to scurry-escape on his big black paddle-boat, back to Druchii home-nest. Aaargh! Naggaroth too far, must finish this here-here and now-now!!

The Daemon-power will be mine, I will cut-slice the Elf-thing open to-to get it if I must. No-nothing shall stop me, Weeping Blades will make quick work of him! Time to cut-cut and stab-stab!"

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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