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General data
RulerThe Council of Thirteen
Distinct features
Bullet skv underworld.pngSkaven Underworld:Settlements appear to be ruins and must be scouted to reveal any Skaven presence.
Bullet skv food.pngFood:Maintain food supplies to gain growth and other bonuses, and to avoid starvation penalties.
Icon corruption skv.png Skaven corruption is a detriment to local Public Order, but allows you to spawn additional units of Clanrats to fight in local battles.

Skaven are a major faction in the south of the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and one of the four principal campaign factions in Total War: Warhammer II.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The verminous Skaven are a race of malevolent and self-serving ratmen. From their underworld cities they fight tooth and claw against the other races – and each other – to further their personal standing within the Skaven heirarchy and to serve their diabolical god, the Horned Rat. Icon corruption skv.pngSkaven corruption is spread wherever the Skaven settle. As they naturally befoul anywhere they linger, Icon corruption skv.pngSkaven corruption causes settled provinces to become less hospitable over time, even for Skaven.

  • Skaven Underworld: Skaven settlements are not ordinarily visible to other races, appearing instead as uninhabited ruins. Icon hero.pngHeroes may scout ruins to see if they are truly abandoned.
  • Food: In addition to money, Skaven factions require a stockpile of x20pxfood, each army consuming an amount of x20pxfood per turn. x20pxFood may be gained from battles, from sacking settlements, and from certain buildings.
  • Skaven Corruption: The Skaven spread Icon corruption skv.pngcorruption where they settle, lowering Icon public order.pngpublic order over time but giving additional uses of the Menace Below army ability in battles fought within the local province. However, it eventually makes provinces difficult to inhabit for Skaven.
  • Skaven armies stalk their enemies by default, giving them a chance to Icon ambush stance.pngambush even when attacking normally.
  • Skaven factions can spend money to conduct rites to gain powerful bonuses, or to summon special Icon hero.pngHeroes that can cause earthquakes or spread x20pxplagues.
  • Like the Dark Elves, Skaven also require keeping an eye on the loyalty of lords deployed on the battlefield. If it ever reaches zero, the lord will rebel and form their own faction.

Unit Roster[edit | edit source]

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Background[edit | edit source]

Brother-under-the-fur. Ha! Now you are brother-true. Reject false-words of seers and embrace true face of the Horned One! Bring Skrolk to the Wormstone, and you will be Plague Priest. Betray, and you become pus-bag.

The Skaven are vile, malevolent ratmen that swarm beneath the surface of the world. Hidden in their sprawling underground lairs, they gnaw at the roots of civilisation, plotting and scheming for the day they will burst from their dark tunnels and drown the world above in a tide of mangy fur, rusty blades and plague-ridden filth. They desire world domination with every fibre of their twisted beings - from their quivering whiskers to the tips of their segmented tails.

Lord Skrolk[edit | edit source]

Queek Headtaker[edit | edit source]

Start Positions[edit | edit source]

In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, the player can choose either the Clan Mors faction, or the Clan Pestilens faction.