Skavenslave Revolt

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Skavenslave Revolt is a Dilemma for the Skaven. The Lord the dilemma relates to will be displayed at the top of the message.

A mess of messages arrive from Skavenblight; the petulant angry little skavenslaves have risen up. The Lords of Decay have requested forces to surpress this treachery - what will you do?

1st Choice[edit | edit source]

Send forces: Loyalty +1, Attrition (Lord's Army)

Refuse to send forces: Loyalty -1

2nd Choice[edit | edit source]

If you refuse, the dilemma ends. If you send forces a second prompt appears

Praise and thanks from the Seers on your aid! However, they still request just a small donation to aid the final quashing of the horrid rebellion...

Send the donation: Loyalty +2

Refuse: -1 Loyalty, +2500 Gold