Stand Your Ground!

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Stand Your Ground!
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TypeIcon spell augment.pngAugment (Area)
only acts on units when in area
Duration18 Seconds
Affects allies in range
Effect Range40m
  • +16 Icon stat morale.pngLeadership
  • +27 Icon stat defence.pngMelee Defence

Stand Your Ground! is an activatable ability available to many Lords.

On the battlefield, the cravens path is an easy one, but for those champions that choose to stand? Fortune will surely favour them and their troops.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Augment, only acts on units when in area
  • Duration: 18 Seconds
  • Target: Self, affects allies in range
  • Effect Range: 40m
  • +16 Leadership
  • +27 Melee defence

Unit[edit | edit source]