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One of a kind! Strong and long lasting effects. High costs and recharge.
RaceHigh Elves

Sunfang is a weapon added in Total War: Warhammer II unique to Tyrion.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Part 1

Tyrion, son of Arathion, is the greatest warrior in Ulthuan - some say the greatest warrior to have ever lived upon the Elven island. For an Elf, he is a beeing of simple tastes, and a rare straight talker who despises dressing up his words in needless confections and double meenings - unlike the princes that frequent the court of the Phoenix Throne.

In Tyrion's mind it is these dandy fools that will be their race's undoing; wwhile they prance about court furthering their own agendas, the Vortex struggles, and invasion is imminent. Tyrion quits the court in disgust and goes about mustering a force to repel the inevitable.

Objective: Recruit and maintain (x) amount of units.

Part 2

The Elven lust for intrigue can be insatiable.. and often self destructive. A certain cohort of princes, envious of Tyrion's influence over King Finubar, seeks to exploit the situation of the failing Vortex and Teclis' sudden departure to Lustria for his own gain. The jealous princes utter a poisonus rumour in court and let's their race's proclivity for scandal do the rest...

Tyrion's pride burn as deeply as any Dwarf's and that can make him predictable. The veiled insult eats at Tyrion -  the claim that he is only so renowned because of the sword he wields has him cast aside it to prove it is not so. Yet such rumors have a tendencuy to grow like a spider's web, catching larger flies. Soon the talk of the court is that Tyrion is no campaigner. While those in battle may fear the Defender of Ulthuan - on grander strategies, such as depriving the foe of hidaways or destroying enemy supply routes, Tyrion is clueless - or so the rumours asserted. Tyrion could ignore such bunkum, but his pride prevents him. He shall prove the naysayers wrong!

Objective: occupy, loot or sack 1 different settlement(s).

Part 3

Tyrion has proven himself more than a mere warrior, but a capable general and leader of the Asur! Back in court, the conniving princes hide their victorious smiles, Tyrion has played into their hands. The princes whisper to others that the so called Defender of Ulthuan has grown out of control, that he should be ostracised from Finubar's warrior council. They say this all while sipping the finest wine from silver chalices, and secretly agree to reconvene in Saphery.

Of course, even as the nobles bask in their self-congratulatory hubris, they forget that while Tyrion is no politican he is certainly no puppet either. It will soon be time to teach these fools a lesson in manners and he will not need Sunfang to do so!

Objective: Construct a Shrine of Asuryan

Part 4

The conspiracy is traced to Saphery, where the princes' lies have spread to the Loremasters. While Tyrion simply tries to hunt down and face his accusers, he finds an aggressive battle line in the lee of the White Tower, for the mages of Hoeth have ever been Teclis' people. The princes would have that Tyrion's recent actions prove that he is not the honourable Defender of Ulthuan but a Druchii sympathiser - a weakness of his lineage! Battle is inevitable...

Objective: Win quest battle.

Description[edit | edit source]

This ancient sword, forged to slay Daemons in the earliest days of Aenarion’s rule, burns with the captured fire of the sun.

Effects[edit | edit source]

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  • Ability: Sunfang
  • Enables flaming attacks
  • Enables magical attacks
  • Armour-piercing damage: +30
  • Weapon strength: +10%