The Blessed Blade of Ptra

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The Blessed Blade of Ptra
Wh main anc weapon.png
RarityIcon rarity legendary small.png Legendary
RaceTomb Kings
LordSettra the Imperishable
Required DLCRise of the Tomb Kings

The Blessed Blade of Ptra is a weapon item added in Total War: Warhammer II Rise of the Tomb Kings. It is a legendary item for Settra the Imperishable.

Description[edit | edit source]

The blade, blessed by the Ptra the Sun God, channels the baking heat of the unforgiving Nehekaran desert into each deadly blow it makes.

Lore Background[edit | edit source]

This revered weapon has been blessed by the sun god, Ptra. The blade's white-hot edge, infused with the head of the desert sun, sets the air itself ablaze and glows so brightly that it blinds Settra's foes.[1]

Effects[edit | edit source]


  • Public order +3 (all provinces)
  • Melee attack +7
  • Weapon strength +12%
  • Enables magical attacks
  • Active ability: The Blessed Blade of Ptra
    • Type: Augment
    • Duration: 43 seconds
    • Target: Self
    • Imbues: Fire Damage
    • Imbues:
      • Blinded! (10 seconds)
      • -26 Melee Attack
      • -40% Accuracy
      • -27 Melee Defense

Sources[edit | edit source]