The Dark Moon

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One version of the dilemma.

Bullet bst the dark moon.png The Dark Moon is a special recurring dilemma for the Beastmen. It represents the magical Chaos moon Morrslieb becoming full in the sky. It occurs every 7 turns in the campaign. It always has four choices, however which ones appear seems to be random.

The status of the event, and how many turns until the next full moon, can be seen in the top center of the screen whilst viewing the campaign map.


The text changes from event to event:

Solar Eclipse:

  • Morrslieb is ascendant, usurping the sun's revered place in the firmament! The world is awash with its sick and terrible hue. Such an event is almost unheard of - It is a call to the Beastmen, a sign that the herd has an opportunity to dominate. Lead them Beastlord, sieze the glory!
  • +15 Chaos corruption (all characters) for one turn - the turn the dilemma occurs)\

Green Moon

  • The great, weird moon Morrslieb hangs low in the sky, casting its eerie and singular green incandescence over the canopies of the twisted forests. It's rise is a portent of greatness for the Beastmen, who now look to you, Beastlord. How will you direct them?

Red Moon

  • The moon is suffused with a deep, dark crimson - a sign of the rage of the Ruinous Powers, and a call to the Beastmen to see this rage manifested. It is you, Beastlord, who must channel this hatred and direct it upon our enemies.


When One Falls...[edit]

The herd can replace their fallen with alacrity, yet the newcomers are reluctant to fight.

No Matter How Far[edit]

The herd moves, going where you tell them until their legs give out from exertion.

Endless Herd[edit]

The herd swells and grows, endlessly it seems. In a herd of such size each beast demands much recompense.

  • Duration: 6 turns
  • Horde growth +10 (all armies)
  • None of your units will replenish

All Must Fight[edit]

Gors of all strengths and ages are welcome here. All have their place, even those whose fighting strength is less... developed.

  • Duration: 3 turns
  • Melee defense -25 (all armies)
  • Recruitment cost -90% (all armies)

Ruinous Incentive[edit]

By currying favour with the Ruinous Powers, the herd grows ever stronger. However dark power comes at a price...

Beastly Inclination[edit]

The herd is incensed and ready for war! Provided, that is, the war comes to them.

  • Duration: 3 turns
  • Campaign movement range -50%
  • Weapon strength +5% for melee infantry units (all forces)
  • Melee attack +10 (all forces)

The Cost of Skill[edit]

In the darkest forests dwell the mightiest grizzled beasts. They only fight for a Beastlord who enjoys the darkest favour...

  • Duration: 5 turns
  • Recruitment cost +100% (all forces)
  • Unit experience +4 for unit recruits