The Dreaming Wood

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The Dreaming Wood is a dilemma for Wood Elves.

A young Glade Lord, full of hope and naivete, wishes to journey into the Dreaming Wood to recover a lost artefact. Headstrong and confident, perhaps to the point of arrogance; the Dreaming Wood is a twisted place ruled by the Prince of Pleasure Slaanesh. To enter it is to dance with the Gods of Madness and desire. Most who enter never return, claimed body and soul by the forces of ruin. Yet the Glade Lord seems self-assured. Do you allow them to recover this item, or forbid the journey?

Options[edit | edit source]

Allow them to enter[edit | edit source]

Though the Dreaming Wood is treacherous, this Glade Lord's intentions seem noble - who are we to stop them?

Deny their request[edit | edit source]

No. The Dreaming Wood is forbidden for a reason - Slaanesh will not claim another Asrai soul. Not this day!

  • Do nothing.