The Folly of Youth

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The Folly of Youth is a High Elves Dilemma.

A young prince, impetuous and unknowing the ways of the court, has flown in the face of the order of precedence, speaking out against his elders publicly. Naturally scandal has ensued. The Phoenix King is not required to wade into the hierarchical scuffles of the court, yet this prince shows promise - it would be unfortunate if he fell from grace due to his naive impropriety.

Choices[edit | edit source]

Privately advise him

  • Court Attendant: +10% Hero action success chance, +10% Ambush success chance (Hero's army)
  • -8 Influence

Privately chide him

  • +10 Influence
  • Privately chide him: +25% recruitment cost (all forces) (5 turns)

Reimburse the offended parties

  • +20 Influence
  • -1500 Gold

Allow him to be damned

  • Influence +10
  • Allow him to be damned: -6 Leadership (all forces) (5 turns)