The Golden Order

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The Golden Order
Tw2 goldenorder.png
General data
TypePlayable subfaction
CategoryThe Empire
RulerBalthasar Gelt
CampaignsMortal Empires
Starting territory
Mortal Empires
ClimatesPrefers temperate, desert, savannah and mountain
Racial capital
  • Altdorf
  • Distinct features
    Bullet icon empire magic colleges.pngColleges of Magic:Harness multiple Lores of Magic to bolster the Empire's strength and destroy its enemies.
    Bullet icon empire units.pngVaried unitsLarge and varied unit roster with a wide range of infantry, cavalry, artillery and other unit types.

    Overview[edit | edit source]

    The Golden Order is a playable subfaction of The Empire. It is led by Balthasar Gelt and can be found in the southern parts of the Empire, close to the Greenskins, Dwarfs and Vampire Counts.

    The Empire is the largest human nation in the Old World. They are a proud country built on steel, gunpowder and faith in their patron god Sigmar. They are based on the real world Holy Roman Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries. Their army combines Spearmen, Knights and Cannons with fantasy elements such as Battle Wizards, Steam Tanks and Griffons.

    How they play[edit | edit source]

    A summary of Empire gameplay:

    • Units: The Empire have an extremely large and diverse roster with almost every unit type represented. Infantry form the core of their army, backed up by strong cavalry and artillery.
    • Regiments of Renown: These are unique, more-powerful versions of regular Empire units.
    • Imperial Authority: Develop authority within the empire by engaging in internal politics and quelling problems to enforce confederation, vassalage or war.
    • Summon the Elector Counts: Secure the fealty of the Empire's lords to govern or take over by force, assigning new, more loyal Elector Counts
    • Colleges of Magic: The Empire can recruit 7 different kinds of spellcaster heroes, who have access to a total of 42 spells – the most of any faction.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    The way of fire is nothing compared to the fluid power of metal!

    The Golden Order is an arm of the Colleges of Magic dedicated to the study of alchemy and the Lore of Metal. Their Supreme Patriarch, Balthasar Gelt, is a fiercely intelligent and powerful battle Wizard who was served the Empire well in the past.[1]

    He has been sent by Karl Franz to restore order in the southern border of the Empire. There was a province called Solland there that has long been destroyed, and Gelt is tasked with protecting the border and recreating the county.

    In battle[edit | edit source]

    The Golden Order plays like a regular Empire faction in battle. See the Empire unit roster for details.

    In campaign[edit | edit source]

    Legendary Lord choices[edit | edit source]

    Faction effects[edit | edit source]

    • Armour: +10 for all units
    • Hero capacity: +2 for Battle Wizards
    • Upkeep: -50% for Battle Wizards

    Climate preferences[edit | edit source]

    Climate preferences for The Golden Order:

    • Habitable: temperate, desert, savannah, mountain
    • Unpleasant: jungle, temperate island
    • Uninhabitable: chaos waste, wasteland, magical forest, frozen, ocean

    Start locations[edit | edit source]

    Mortal Empires

    Victory conditions[edit | edit source]

    Mortal Empires
    •  ?
    Short campaign
    •  ?
    Long campaign
    • ?

    Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

    Diplomatic traits[edit | edit source]

    Mortal Empires:

    •  ?

    Starting agreements[edit | edit source]

    Mortal Empires:

    Elector Trait[edit | edit source]

    Gelt starts off as the Elector Count of Solland, granting him the following buffs:

    Strategy[edit | edit source]

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    1. In-game text