The Great Debate

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The Great Debate is a Dilemma for The Empire and The Golden Order as part of the Fealty and Imperial Authority mechanics.

At a recent congregation of the Elector Counts there is a lengthy conversation about the separation of religious cults from matters of Imperial policy. There is much polarization on what is a highly-charged issue. Eventually an argument breaks out between [X Elector Count] and [Y Elector Count] who are on opposite sides of the argument, with both looking to you to lend your voice to their argument.

You have said little about your thoughts on the subject until now - you feel little will come of this debate, but a leader of your standing cannot be seen to sit the fence on matters of great import such as this.


Support X Elector Count's Argument: +1 Fealty to X, -1 Fealty to Y

Support Y Elector Count's Argument: +1 Fealty to Y, -1 Fealty to X