The Horned Rat Calls

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The Horned Rat Calls is a Skaven Loyalty Dilemma.

The sneaky, treacherous rats in your camp are spreading rumours that the Grey Seers desperately need your Warpstone tokens. If you have them, maybe you can engender some trust by turning them over...?

1st Choice[edit | edit source]

Hand them over: Loyalty +1, Leadership -10 (Lord's Army (20 turns)

Refuse to comply: Loyalty -1, Leadership +10 (Lord's Army) (20 turns)

2nd Choice[edit | edit source]

Though you did not give the Warpstone tokens away, keeping them to yourself has driven your troops into a frenzy. They froth and anger, fighting among themselves. If you are not careful they may turn on you!

Fight Madness with madness: Loyalty +1, Attrition

Fight any would-be contenders: Loyalty -1, Leadership -10 (20 turns)