The Living Ancestor

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The Living Ancestor is a special dilemma for the Dwarfs, which only occurs if the player chooses to begin the campaign with the legendary lord Grombrindal.

It spawns on turn 3 and every 25 turns thereafter.

Options[edit | edit source]

Paramour of Valaya[edit | edit source]

Valaya's Protection

Valaya's blessings, and her protection of Grombrindal, often manifest themselves in magical forms. All those who see the White Dwarf pass through their lands should count themselves fortunate, for Valaya walks with him.

  • Enemy Winds of Magic power reserve -15 (Grombrindal's province)
  • Casualty replenishment rate +20 (Grombrindal's army)
  • Public order +10 (Grombrindal's province)
  • Untainted +20 (Grombrindal's province)

Apprentice of Grungni[edit | edit source]

Grungni's Teachings

Grombrindal shall become a vessel through which Grungni's wisdom is transferred to the Dwarfs, but the lands within the Karaz Ankor that will benefit, will be of his own choosing.

  • Duration: 25 turns
  • Research rate +20% (faction wide)
  • Upkeep -20% for all units (Grombrindal's army)
  • Construction cost -10% for all buildings (Grombrindal's local region)
  • Recruitment cost -10% (Grombrindal's army)

The White Dwarf[edit | edit source]

Grombrindal's Fury

Perhaps it is the combined help of the Gods, or some hidden power within him, but when Grombrindal summons forth all his might no foe can match him in single combat.

  • Melee attack +10 for Grombrindal
  • Melee defense +15 for Grombrindal
  • Weapon strength +30% for Grombrindal

Kin of Grimnir[edit | edit source]

Grimnir's Strength

There is no god a Dwarf would rather watch over them in battle; Grimnir's gaze is directed firmly at Grombrindal's force.

  • Melee defense +10 for melee infantry units (Grombrindal's army)
  • Reload time reduction for missile infantry units (Grombrindal's army)
  • Melee attack +10 for melee infantry units (Grombrindal's army)

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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