The Moonbow

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The Moonbow is a Legendary item for Alith Anar.

Quest[edit | edit source]

Part 1

The Moonbows quiver is empty. No ordinary arrows can be loosed by such a bow - Only those fleched with feathers soaked in Druchii blood warrant the string to be drawn. Collecting such ingredients would be a grisly task for any southern Elf, but it's one the Shadow King will gladly preform.

Objective: Raid the monoliths

Part 2

The Shadow Warriors go about their ruthless duties as expected. The raids are having a devestating impact on the Witch King's minions. However, it wont be long before the Druchii takes action to prevent them. King Anar should stay one step ahead and eliminate their patrols in the area.

Objective: Win one battle against the Dark Elf race.

Part 3

Like a fine wine that gets better with age, the best Druchii blood for soaking Moonbow feathers is tinged with dread. The Dark Elves fear the Shadow King and the warriors of Nagarythe with good reason, but a reminder is always useful to sustain the legend. It is time to deliver an even heavier blow against the hated foe. Sacking their outpost will criple them while enriching our own endeavours.

Objective: Sack Altar of Ultimate Darkness

Part 4

Soon Anar will have gathered all he requiers to fill the quiver of the Moonbow once more. And yet, even snivelling cowards such as Dark Elves can only be pushed so far it seems. They prepare to ensnare the Shadow King into a trap. Surely even these fools know that it is impossible to trap a shadow?

Objective: win quest battle

Description[edit | edit source]

The deadly Moonbow was handed to Alith Anar by the goddess Lileath herself.

Lore Background[edit | edit source]

An exquisite weapon forged from a pale metal that glitters in the moonlight, the Moonbow was handed to Alith Anar by the goddess Lileath herself. The merest whisper of its arrows strikes fear into the hearts of the treacherous Nagarrothi. [1]

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Range: +4%
  • Ammunition: +15%
  • Missile Damage: +12%
  • Enables magical attacks
  • Ability: The Moonbow
    • 2 uses
    • 120 second cooldown
    • Type: Magic Missile
    • Target: Enemy
    • Range: 300m
    • Causes armour-piercing damage
    • Powerful explosion
    • Strong vs. a single unit
    • Effective at long range

Sources[edit | edit source]